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We help overseas clients* compare and get the best investment. We are local residents with more than 8 years of experience.

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10 Reasons to Invest in Bacolod

  1. Lesser air pollution (25* AQI in Bacolod; “greener” than the rest of the Philippines. []
    • Investing in Bacolod helps decentralize/decongest Manila and improve quality of life of Filipinos.
  2. Less traffic congestions despite being the most populated city in the whole region
  3. Bacolod has almost zero geo-hazards (e.g. no faultlines and landslide-prone areas); awarded as “most livable and business-friendly city.”
  4. Has bits of everything: urban centers, luxury, China towns, beaches, and mountain spots.
  5. Lower crime index when compared to Manila and Cebu 
  6. “Sweet” people because of the accent; a festival full of smiling masks.
  7. High potential for developments (vast agri lands remaining). If you wish to have invested in Makati 50 years ago, you can do it in Bacolod now. Comparatively lower cost of living.
  8. The new mayor has progressive policies (e.g. eradication of spaghetti wires within first 100 days, solar street lights, asphalt roads and his other plans.)
  9. Renowned developers are entering (Rockwell Business Center, Rockwell Nara and Power Plant Mall/Business Center, Megaworld Upper East and Forbes HillSMDC, Ayala)
  10. Digital infrastructure and other investment attractions

Why Get Me as your Agent?

  • Accredited by the government i.e. PRC and DHSUD (formerly HLURB); cash-bonded; continuing professional development.
  • Been in the Real Estate industry since 2016
  • Not exclusive to one developer: I can objectively compare prices and other factors
  • Can assist you with my car and special power of attorney services
    • From your hotel to the developer office for reservation
    • For site viewing
    • Coordinate with your Filipino/local trustee
  • Assist with outside-office services that in-house officers cannot provide (e.g. handing of documents to your house, transfer to bank for payments)

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  • (Sept 2022) Small lot good for cafe/restaurant. Budget is P3 Million
  • (Sept 2022) Small lot good for an Apartment. Budget P1M

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