Nara Residences Rockwell

Nara Residences Bacolod by Rockwell Land


Mandalagan, Bacolod City

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  • Studios: 36-38 sqm
  • One Bedroom: 50-75 sqm
  • Two Bedroom: 82-83 sqm
  • Three Bedroom: 104 sqm


PRICE RANGES (Prices vary depending on the floor/level, views and floor size)

  • Studio: 5,831,000
  • 1 Bedroom: 7,050,000 to 7,575,000
  • 2 Bedroom: 11,368,000 to 11,450,000
  • 3 Bedroom: 14,932,000


Rockwell Land has officially launched this January 2020. Estimated turn over dates are May 2023. It’s going to be a Mid-rise Condominium with Art Deco inspiration design with only 8 floors and around 16 units to a floor. The whole property is around 11 hectares so you have approximately 80% of open space. Parking starts at 1,000,000 pesos and 3 bedroom units require 2 parking slots. We can arrange for you a meeting with the Rockwell Sales Team in your own office or a coffee shop since the Rockwell Bacolod Office is currently undergoing construction/renovation. We can thoroughly explain with further details and no more room for doubt.

Price increase monitor

Total Area Orientation Jan 2020 Mar 2021 Increase (Span) Per month
Studio 39 South -2F 5,081,545 5,359,633 5.19% in 14 months 0.37%
1 BR 50 South -3F 6,437,500 6,789,792 5.19% in 14 months 0.37%
2 BR 83 South -2F 10,558,015 11,090,718 4.80% in 14 months 0.34%

Overall Pricing

Rockwell is offering very lenient terms especially in light of the pandemic. As of March 2021, there is:

  • Total Price (+parking if 1BR above) less 100k PHP Reservation
  • 10% of remaining payable after 15-30 days (downpayment)
  • 10% amortization has 2 options:
    • Straight payment (no lumpsome)
    • Amortization with lump some or balloon payment every 10 months for 4 occurences
  • 80% loanable amount via banks

Required Parking Slots

Studio – no parking required
1BR – one parking required (outdoor or indoor)
2BR – two parking required (outdoor or indoor)

Parking Prices

Parking prices:
  • Outdoor – 800,000 PHP
  • Indoor – 1,200,000 php
1 to 3 Bedroom unit buyers are required to get one parking slot only:
  • Studio buyers: Not required to get parking slot
  • 1 Bedroom: 1 Outdoor Parking
  • 2 Bedroom: 1 Indoor Parking
  • 3 Bedroom: 2 Indoor Parking Slots



Estimated Turn-Over Date

SEPT 2023

  • was moved because of the Pandemic and the management has to build a reservoir and 2 flood tunnels to remedy against future floods brought by heavy rains in the future. 
  • The condominiums are rising on top of the highest peak of the land contours, and the clubhouse/pool are on the slopes. 
  • Completion for land development will be on Nov 2023


Retail shops for basic necessities such as grocery, salons, food hubs, etc. at the main entrance
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