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Preselling and RFO Condos

Fully or Semi-Furnished


  • Location: Typically condominiums are located in more desirable and developed areas than single-family homes.
  • Low maintenance: Condos can be easier to maintain and manage compared to a house or other types of properties.
  • Value Appreciation: Because condos are nearer to the centers, they appreciate faster in value over time.
  • Amenities: Condos often include access to swimming pools, gyms, rooftop gardens, and playground/daycare which houses of the same price may not have.
  • More rentable: Because of its central location, condos are attractive to tenants.
  • Urban life: you are situated in an urban area but do not have the degree of maintenance required with a house. You can easily lock the door and leave when you need to. No worrying for walls, gates, guard dogs, CCTVs.


  • More expensive: Condos can be more expensive than other housing types, especially in desirable locations.
  • Regulations: Condos may have strict rules and regulations that homeowners must follow, such as limits on noise or decor.
  • Privacy: Condos may not offer as much privacy as a house.
  • Limited Space: Condominiums typically have smaller living spaces than single-family homes and not much freedom for renovation
  • Not perpetual ownership: Unlike a house and lot which can be passed on to the heirs, a condo building will only be liquidated after its lifespan and the proceeds will be divided by the unit owners.

Cityscape Condo for Sale (Rush)

Condo Unit Rush Sale6th St. Cityscape Residences, Bacolod City FULLY FURNISHEDStudio Unit Type FA: 19.6 sqmPrice: 2.5M Mode of payment: Spot cash minimum 30% DP

O Residences Bacolod Lacson

O Residences

This post contains units in O Residences from various owners or from developer itself. Confirm from us the availability and latest price. O Residence Amenities

Condo Prices in Bacolod: Comparison

Here is a list of the most expensive condos in Bacolod by price per square down to the cheapest. Before choosing condos, check out the price per square. Also remember that location matters.

ProjectAs ofTCPFloor AreaFloorTurn-overPrice per sqm
One ManhattanMarch 20214,837,08133 (Studio)3rd2023 Q4P146,578
Two RegisJan 202112,192,00087 (2BR)5th2022 OctP140,137
Rockwell LandMarch 2021P6,789,79250sqm (1BR)3rd2023 SepP135,796
O Residences (2BR Loft)March 20217,284,80069.5915thNowP104,681
SDMC SmileJan 2021P5,103,79528.52 (Flexi)4th2024 MarP178,954
Mesavirre GardenMar 2021P2,839,72222 (Studio T3)3rd2022 2QP129,079
Camella ManorsMar 2021P4,891,83330.36 (Inner)5thBldg 1 – now
B2 – Q3 2021
B3 – 2023
SitariOct 2020P5,100,00050 (2BR)12th2022 JulP102,000

Please note that price per sqm comes with other factors such as:

  • Vicinity to township concept (e.g. Upper East has BPO’s, malls, hotels nearby)
  • VAT (some pricing may not include it yet)
  • Brand
  • Nearby features (e.g. SMDC has a baywalk area, hotel and a mall across)

Price Increase Monitoring of Condo Per Sqm Prices

I made this chart to help buyers/investors to make the best decision that suits their needs. But please take note that the figures below rely on various factors such as location, year of completion, developer branding, nearness to key spots, floor level, etc. Contact me to buy a unit.

Project / PerSq ROI AnalysisOldNewDifferenceIncrease (Span)Per month increase
Oct 2018
One Regis (2BR - LP-C)119,435
Feb 2019Feb 2021
Two Regis (2BR 9E)**129,194145,88416,69012.92% in 2 yrs0.54%
Nov 2020Mar 2021
One Manhattan (Studio 3F-V)**140,722164,85724,13517.15% in 4 months4.29%
**Please note that pricing per sqm may vary due to unit floor, views, and other factors.
Pricing basis are the discounted or NET.
Negative growth is because of the discounts due to pandemic.
Growth Overall (persqm)119,435164,85745,42238.03% in 29 months1.31%

Rockwell Nara Residences (Per Sqm Growth Analysis)

Total AreaOrientationJan 2020Mar 2021Increase (Span)Per month
Studio39South -2F5,081,5455,359,6335.19% in 14 months0.37%
1 BR50South -3F6,437,5006,789,7925.19% in 14 months0.37%
2 BR83South -2F10,558,01511,090,7184.80% in 14 months0.34%