Bacolod is Top Investment Destination | The City’s Awards over the Years

Bacolod TOp Investment destination

Bacolod City at a Glance


Population (2019 PSA)

289.39 mi

Distance to Manila


Foreign and Domestic Tourist Arrival

100% and 93%

Percentage of Households with Electricity and Water Services, respectively, for 24 hours

P365 per day

Minimum Wage

96.5% (2017)

Literacy Rate


Poverty Incidence


Postal Services: 9 Local News: 9 TV Station: 8 Cable Providers: 3 Mobile Phone Companies: 5 Internet Companies: 3

Healthcare Infrastructure

Private Hospitals: 7 Public: 1 (soon to be 2)

Education Infrastructure

Tertiary Private: 18 Public College: 2

Growth of Local Economy

Capital Investments from New Businesses: Php 2,741,025, 245.48;
Gross Sales from Business Renewals: Php 82, 028, 801, 140.65

Sources of Funds

1.258 Billion from Local Sources; 1.262 Billion from IRA (2019); 2.520 Billion from LGU Budget (2019).


General Services: 56%; Social Services: 15%; Economic: 8%; Others: 21%

Bacolod City Awards

1.) Bacolod as the Top Model City by the Manila Times last 2017

2.) Most Business-friendly Local Government Unit by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry

3.) Bacolod as Top Competitive LGU in Visayas – August 2018

Bacolod is the number one most competitive in the visayas during the 6th Regional Competitiveness Summit held at the Philippine International Convention Center in Manila on Thursday, August 16. This ranking was announced by the National Competitiveness Council (NCC).

At the national level, Bacolod top 3 most improved Local Government Units in the Highly-Urbanized Category.

Bacolod moved from top 20 last year to top 8 this year in the overall most competitive HUCs list.


Bacolod is most business-friendly LGU in the Philippines awarded by Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), the biggest business chamber in the country. Bacolod bested Iloilo City, CDO, Davao City, Mandaue City, Angeles City, and more. Bacolod has been a consistent national finalist in the last 4 years. 


1st Runner up- in the Excellence in Administrative Governance by DILG
Most Competitive City in the Western Visayas DTI Competitiveness Summit and Awards
• Competitiveness Summit and Awards National Competitiveness Council
• 1- Most Competitiveness Highly Urbanized City in the Visayas
3rd Most Improved Highly Urbanized City in the Philippines
• 8- Most Competitive Highly Urbanized City in the Philippines
• Finalist Tourism Company of the Year. Asia Leaders Awards
Most Business Friendly City by the Manila Times
• 1st Runner up of the Philippines and Municipalities Most Livable Urban Centers by the Manila Times
Ranked 89th in the World’s Top 100 Cities for Global Services of Tholons Services Globalization Index
• One of the 4 fastest- growing cities in the Philippines for property searches by Lamudi com

Bacolod TOp Investment destination


Top Philippine Model City- Beyond the Most Livable Urban Centers
• Most Business- Friendly LGU Outside Metro Manila Special Citation by Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry
• Bacolod City is one the 5 cities in the Philippines that are included in the Tholons List of Top 100 Super Cities” in 2017
• 1st Regional Development Council- Recognition Ceremony for Competitive LGUs #1- Resiliency
#3- Insfrastructure
#3- Economic Dynamism
#2- Most Competitive in All Cities in.the Region

Bacolod is the number one most competitive in the visayas, followed by Cebu city- top 9. Mayor Evelio Leonardia received the award and said that this is a big inspiration for Bacolod City and a big encouragement for his administration to do more.

Other cities in the Top 10 most competitive HUCs are: 1 — Quezon; 2 — Manila; 3 — Pasay; 4 — Davao; 5 — Cagayan de Oro; 6 — Makati; 7– Pasig; (8 Bacolod; 9 Cebu) and 10 — Muntinlupa.

The ranking was based on the sum of the scores in the “Four Pillars” — Economic Dynamism, Government Efficiency, Infrastructure, and Resiliency.

In the 2018 ranking, Bacolod improved in all four pillars from its 2017 ranking: Economic Dynamism, from No. 20 to No. 9; Government Efficiency, No. 22 to No. 15; Infrastructure, No. 15 to No. 6; and Resiliency, No. 19 to No. 10.

Ease of Doing Business

Enhanced Sectoral Competitiveness

Flagship Projects

Fast-Tracked Local Economic Development (LED)

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