Garden of Luisa

Garden of Luisa is a house-turned-resort in the middle of the sugarcane fields of La Castellana, Negros Occidental- a one hour and forty minute drive from Bacolod City. 

On the way, we enjoyed the transition from the urban views back to the laidback and past-laden histories of Negros Occidental – one which has been thoroughly painted by the brushes of the hacienda set-up, sugarcane fields and truckings of tubo. The road is good with only some portions of it as rough – especially nearing the Garden of Luisa. 

The scene will slowly reveal you the lush plains and ultimately, the breattaking view of Mount Kanlaon. I was surprised that there’s a side of my province’s volcano which seems to be a perfect cone. 

We left Bacolod at 8 AM and arrived quarter to 10 am on October 19, 2018- Bacolod City’s 80th Charter Day and thus a holiday. We saw this as an opportune time to gather our cell group disciples of students and professionals and conduct Great Commission team building and fellowship here.  

We came on two burrowed Crosswinds from fellow members of our Disciples Group. We rented the place and made it exclusive for our group. We were welcomed by a friendly group of “nanays” and a hospitable caretaker. Before we arrived, I saw a group of young people riding a tricycle opposite our direction. I think they’re a group who had an overnight at the Garden of Luisa. 

Upon arriving, I enjoyed the “throwback” theme that the Garden brings. From the gate to the reception area, it is like entering a time machine and arriving at a well-preserved atmosphere of the early settlements of the peoples and leaders of Negros. 

The place was enamoured by various pieces of unique art- making the place really a remarkable stay. The furnitures, ornaments, decors and pieces were mostly hand crafted. Pieces and books from American brands of the 60s to 80sh seemed to be a part of the owner family’s way of life. 

The house was also decorated with various pieces of art- Asian, African tusks, weapon models and other paintings. The stay will let you enjoy it. 

Another blessing that the place brings is the ability to bond our group with exclusivity and intimacy to the corporate or group dynamics. We were able to enjoy the pool as a group. 

We arrived and cooked our barbecue using the Garden’s charcoal grill. We brought charcoal and the marinated barbecue, cooked by our fellow disciple. We brought our own food, snacks and lunch. Although, some of my team mates went out for a but to buy some additional snacks. 

At lunch, we enjoyed a boodle fight- putting the rice and barbecue upon banana leaves and eating together by hand- while enjoying the fantastic view of the volcano. 

After lunch, we had our Gospel learning session for the Great Commission. We then enjoyed a mini “amazing race” and the pool. The pool has a diving board and on the diving area, the depth is about, i think, 12 feet deep. On the other side, it’s around 4 feet. 



Surrounding the house is a mixture of garden and rock benches, as well as cactus nursery. We also enjoyed the night lights of the other part of the garden. 

For more information and / or the pricing, just contact the admin through their Facebook Page because I think they are active and very responsive naman. 


How to Get There?

I think it would be easy to get there if you have a private vehicle. But for commute, it’s also as easy. Just take a Ceres Bus at the Bacolod South Terminal or take a La Castellana Canter at the Libertad South Terminal in Front of Save More Libertad. 

If you ride a La Carlota Bus or Canter, just reride at the La Carlota City another vehicle to La Castellana. Then from La Castellana, rent a tricycle to the Garden of Luisa.

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