Fastcraft Iloilo to Bacolod and Vice Versa

Updated for Pandemic setups

Bacolod to Iloilo (Starting December 1, 2021)

Fast Craft VesselTime of DepartureEst Time of Arrival
Oceanjet 5:45AM7AM
Oceanjet1:00PM (Mon to Sat)2:30PM
Oceanjet4:00PM (Sundays only)5:30PM

Iloilo to Bacolod (Starting December 1, 2021)

Fast Craft VesselTime of DepartureEst Time of Arrival
Oceanjet 7:20AM (if Sunday, 11AM)9:00AM

Travel Requirements

Download Traze App for Fast Craft


Satellite Map of Bacolod port with Legend
  1. RoRo Ticket Terminal 
  2. Old Terminal (Demolished)
  3. Old Terminal (Demolished)
  4. RoRo Ships Docking Area
  5. New Unified Shipping Terminal (All FastCraft here since Dec 2018)
  6. Entrance (Pay P12/ car)
  7. Bong Bongs and eating shops and pasalubong
  8. To SM and city proper
  9. Pay Parking (P30 per park / night)
  10. New Acacia Hotel
  11. Bacolod Pavilion Hotel
Sunset at BREDCO (Bacolod Port)

Fast Craft Contact Numbers

SuperCat Contact Numbers

SuperCat 2Go BranchTel and Mobile
Bacolod(034) 707-7227 / 0942-390-9944
Iloilo(033) 508-7228 / 0933-146-3311

OceanJet Contact Numbers

OceanJet BranchMobile/Tel
Bacolod0923-749-8211 / (034) 433-5359
Iloilo 0923-708-8054 / (033) 335-3255

Weesam Porterage and Freight Rates

Weesam Branch/OfficeRates
Updated Dec 31, 2019
Iloilo337-3282 | 0925-349-6250 |
Bacolod433-9125 | 0922-8200-270 |


Bacolod Terminal Fees

Bacolod (BREDCO) to Iloilo City as of Dec 3, 2021

  • Regular: P50.00
  • Student: P30.00 (No ID No discount)
  • Senior/PWD: P30.00 (No ID No discount)
  • 4-11 years old: P30.00

Actual Reference BREDCO Terminal Fee

Iloilo Terminal Fees

  • RegularP30.00
  • Minor/Student- P24.00
  • PWD – P21.44

Exempted to pay Iloilo City Fastcraft terminal fees:

  • Students
  • Senior Citizens
  • Persons with Disabilities (PWD)
  • Selected Uniformed Personnels (Army, PNP, Coast Guard)
Just present ID before entering the security check.

FastCraft Porter Rates & Freights

If you are carrying a heavy load, better to get a porter. You’ll save your back and body from further stress so you can devote your time for your next work. Plus, you help the local community and economy. 

Iloilo Fastcraft Terminal Standard Porter Rates

I see that Iloilo City has a more centralized system for Fast Crafts. Their terminal porters have this rates on a tarp so you won’t have to worry if you pay too low or too high. Feel free to add tip if you want. See guides below. 

  • Small (up to 10kg): P33.60
  • Medium (up to 25kg): P44.80
  • Large (up to 50kg): P61.60

Actual Reference of Iloilo Porter Rates as of Dec 2 2019.

Charges for Cargoes Carried by Passengers

When a passenger onboards stuff on the ship with him/her, here are the rates below:

Unit / ItemSize / WeightPrice
Sacks (Rice, Fruits, Crops, Vegetables, etc)70kg and heavierPhp 100.00
50kg Php 50.00
Box/ Carton - cigarette box size or bigger / frozen productsbig but heavyPhp 100.00
big but lightPhp 50.00
balikbayan boxPhp P100.00
bundled small boxes (heavy)Php 100.00
bundled small boxes (light)Php 50.00
Styro foam boxfullPhp 100.00
Appliances (TV, stereo, ref, generator, etc.)big / heavyPhp 200.00
small / lightPhp 100.00
Fighting CockPhp 50.00
Cage with AnimalsbigPhp 100.00
smallPhp 50.00
Empty Animal CagePhp 50.00
Bikebig (mountain)
Php 100.00
small (BMX)Php 50.00

You can also send freights, boxes, envelopes or any padala items to or from Iloilo using Weesam.

Weesam Porterage and Freight Rates

Weesam Porter's Charges

The rates below reflect when you request porters to carry your stuff over their shoulders.

Weesam Padala Rates (like LBC)

If you need to send something to Iloilo or Bacolod, you may not need to onboard. Send through the freight service and save money. The rates below indicate the amount you need to pay when you send a package without a passenger. Usually, your receiver will just pick it up at the other side of the sea (either in BREDCO Bacolod or Dock Iloilo). Please make sure no highly-important stuff are sent.

Box/ Karton 5kg approx.Php 150
Box/ Karton 15kg approx.Php 150
Box/ Karton 20-30kg approx.Php 150 – Php 200
Brown EnvelopePhp 50


Dedicated Pages:

Travel Tips for the Best Experience

Bring these items

  • Hot and Cold Tumbler. Here’s an eco friendly bamboo tumbler. Help save the oceans and pawikans. Feel good. Stewardship of the environment is cool. 
  • Bonamine (if you’re a believer). 
  • Travel Pillow – so you won’t have stiff neck!
  •  Bag-size Umbrella
  • Sun Glasses

Pay Parking at BACOLOD

If you are after security of your vehicle, you can park your car in Bacolod City  just across Merzci or Ocean Jet building. Below is the picture of the parking space. Just enter, find a place and give your name at the security guard. 

  • Parking Fee ranges from P30.00 as of December 2018


The Space between my knees and the frontal seat. I think the most spacious and comfortable economy class of all the fast crafts in BREDCO (Bacolod to Iloilo and Vice Versa) is the SuperCat. I think the same level with Fast Cat in Banago.
The Iloilo Seaport Terminal when I arrived

Upon arriving Iloilo, there’s a Jeepney Lane and a Taxi Lane where you can select your own transportation means of your choice. Please remember that Iloilo has no Grab Car, only Grab Taxi. 

If you are arriving to Bacolod, you can easily grab some taxis, Grab taxi or jeepneys at the BREDCO pier. Please note that Bacolod has BOTH Grab Car and Grab Taxi. For cheaper options, you can also opt Tricycle or Trisikad to SM/ Manokan Country which is around 5 minutes away. I advise not to use Trike or Trisikad feature if you are not familiar with Bacolod City because the arrival point (Father Ferrer Street will be unfamiliar to you as well. Just use Taxi or Jeep). 

Prohibited Items inside the Ferry Vessels

The following commons items are NOT ALLOWED for handcarry given by DoTC (Department of Transportation and Communications) Office for Transportation Security. 

top Real Estate Opportunities To Grab In Bacolod City

Real estate developments are something to watch out for in Bacolod starting 2018. Bacolod is becoming one of the “next big thing” after Metro Manila and there’s no sign of stopping. Bacolod is a multi-awarded city such as Top Model City 2019 and 2017, Top Retirement Destination and more. 

Developers are rushing to secure their chunk of real estate, schools are coming in, resorts are rising, BPOs are top-performing and the City of Smiles has been adding more reasons for you to love and smile. I can help you avail the following real estate investments:

  • Megaworld Upper East: The Next Big Thing at the Heart of Bacolod
  • The Fountain Grove by Suntrust Properties: A high-end community at the entrance of the city from airport.
  • Forbes Hill: A landscape at the Northill Gateway that’s redefining high-end living in Bacolod City
  • Mesavirre Garden Residences by Cebu Landmasters: An innovation you can’t ignore in the northern part of Lacson street near Bata.


  • East Homes Bacolod: One of the oldest, biggest and most stable affordable housing companies in Bacolod. Lets you enjoy affordability and convenience of homeownership.
  • Casa Mira and Velmiro by Cebu Landmasters: An inspirational industry in the house and lot community in Granada.
  • More at BacolodCityProperties Website

If you have are looking to buy a property in Bacolod, Negros or Busuanga, just contact me.

Government-Recommended Hotels in Bacolod

Government-Recommended Hotels (Bacolod City) Reference 1 | 2Contact Number
Avenue Suites435-7777
Acacia Hotel433-9620
Bell Hotel704-2756
Business Inn433-8877
Check In Hotel707-7770
Eastview Hotel707-2222
Go Hotel441-0506
GT Hotel Bacolod432-1886
L Fisher433-3731
Luxur Place434-4551
Metro Inn435-1818
Northwest Inn434-4077
Planta Centro468-0401
Royal Am Rei435-1837
Seda Capitol Central703-8888
Stone Hill Suites435-9206
Sugarland Hotel435-2690
Tamera Plaza Inn432-1708
Budget Accommodations
Casa Marbella434-8446
Citi Grand Inn708-1976
JP & D Hometel’s435-3004
Khokoon Inn445-3127
Limman’s Inn709-0846
Mahogany Pension474-1568
MC Rajs441-2571
Mercenary Inn433-6181
Middletown Inn435-8193
Negrense Suites431-2576
Nirvana Pension474-1568
Pension Bacolod734-7065
Pleasant Travelers Inn709-8550
The Hostelry432-2663
The Suites at Calle Nueva708-8000

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