Bacolod Car Towing and Rescue Services

In this post I curated Bacolod City’s towing service companies to help you during your times of road trouble. I indicated their locations so you have options who to contact to wherever is nearest to your point of need. I had a road trouble before where my car did not start due to exhaustion of battery and the first thing I did was to call my insurance company. Unfortunately, my car towing insurance was expired and I have to google for some help. This is constantly update, feel free to comment if you have something to add.

The Towing Company that helped me was Javin Car Towing Services. The owner was named after the company itself and they are located in Barangay Bata, just beside the Circumferential Road. The owner was helpful and he even serviced me for battery change and bought my old battery. 

See their map locations and contact numbers below. I hope this will help save you from headaches and time. 


Brgy Bata • 0926 039 1051

Javin Roadside Assistance
Location: Brgy Bata, Bacolod City

Brgy Mansilingan • 0916 341 9863

I saw this number at their gate along Handumanan Access Road in Mansilingan.

Brgy. Alijis 1 (Near Memorial Park)

09495081490 • 0977 796 4594

034 474 2131


Saw these numbers just beside the road in Alijis Road, Bacolod City

Brgy. Alijis 2 (Near Panaad)

  • Rabel Auto Repair Shop
  • 034 431 4615
  • 0909 855 8593
  • 09204375635

Also offers auto inspection, auto mechanic, calibration, body repair and painting, tune up, rescue, electrical diagnostic, car door repair.

Bacolod towing and car repair

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