Negros Occidental

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By Bryan Villarosa

By Bryan Villarosa

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson based in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. Contact form

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Negros Island was originally called "Buglas", an old native word that is thought to mean "to cut off".

It is believed that Negros was once part of a greater mass of land but was cut off either by what geologists call a continental drift or by the rising of waters during the so-called glacial age.

Among its earliest inhabitants were dark-skinned natives belonging to the Negrito ethnic group with their unique culture.

Thus, the Spaniards called the land “Negros” after the black natives whom they saw when they first came to the island in April 1565. More history here.

Old Names of Negros Occidental Towns and cities
Old names of Negros Occ. cities and towns courtesy of https://www.youtube.com/user/Qtgaga

How we became the Sugar Capital of the Philippines

The major boom to the province at the latter half of the 19th century was the widespread cultivation of sugarcane introduced by the Spaniards and the opening of ports like those in Iloilo and Cebu to foreign commerce- just the like the prosperity of this Internet Age & Digital Age through the opening up of BPO’s. 

In 1856, Negros Occidental produced only 4,000 piculs of sugar. This increased to 100,000 piculs in 1864 and 2,000,000 in 1893. 

The cultivation of sugarcane then became widespread and soon after Negros Occidental led other provinces in the production of sugar. 

Modern machines were also introduced at this time and by 1864, seven machines operated by steam were used in the towns of Bacolod, Minuluan (Talisay) and Bago. 


Key Facts

Capital: Bacolod City
Population: 2.9 Million
Land Area: 792,607hectares or 7,926 square kilometers

  • North- Visayan Sea
  • East- Negros Oriental
  • South – Sulu Sea
  • West – Guimaras Strait


  • Sugar, Rice, Organic Agricultural Crops, Livestock, Marine Products, Furniture, Handicrafts, Garments, and Processed Foods.

Things to Do / Experience /

Visit in Negros Occidental

Distances of Southern towns from each other

Silay City

  • Balay Negrense
  • Balaring Mangrove Eco-Park
  • Fresh Start Organic Farm
  • Hofileña Heritage House
  • New Bacolod Silay Airport
  • Silay  Outdoor Recreation & Ecotourism Area (Patag)
  • Duyan Cafe
  • Lantawan View
  • San Diego Pro-Cathedral
  • Steam Locomotive at Hawaiian Philippine Company
  • Bernardino-Jalandoni Museum (Pink House)

Talisay City

Victorias City

  • Gawahon Eco-Park
  • Peñalosa Farms
  • Church of St. Joseph the Worker
  • Victorias Golf & Country Club


  • Chapel of the Cartwheels
  • Northland Resort Hotel

Cadiz City

Don Salvador Benedicto

  • Bunga Rice Terraces
  • Malatan-og Falls
  • Pine Tree-lined Highway
  • Rapha Valley Place of Wellness (Organic Farm)


Bacolod City

  • The Provincial Capitol Negros Forest & Ecological Foundation, Biodiversity Conservation Center
  • Dizon-Ramos Museum (Now White Hotel)
  • Negros Museum
  • Negros Occidental Gold &  Country Club
  • Association of Negros Producers (ANP Showroom)
  • Negros Farmers Weekend Market
  • Panaad Park & Stadium
  • The Forest Park
  • Bantug Lake Ranch
  • Palmas Del Mar Resort & Hotel
  • The Vintage Glasses Museum

Bago City

  • Balay ni Tan Juan
  • Kipot Twin Falls
  • Bantayan Park
  • OISCA Silk Farm
  • Bueños Aires Mountain Resort
  • Cinco de Noviembre Marker
  • Rafael Salas Park &  Nature Center

Behold the Majesty of Mt Kanla-on

Negros is an island borne of a volcano, making most parts of the land as fertile. Take an adventure up to the crater via the Guintubdan Trail in La Carlota City. Make sure to secure the necessary permits and guides.

Fly Back in Time by Visiting the Ancestral Houses in Silay

Be Healed by Dipping in the Relaxing Sulfur Springs of Mambukal Resort

Ease the stress of your city life by unwinding in the healers of nature- the hotsprings of Mambukal. You can relax as you breathe the fresh air. Try climbing and seeing the falls. Another thing that makes Mambukal enjoyable is the affordability of it.

Revisit History by Dropping by at the Ruins Mansion in Talisay City

White Sand Beaches and Dive Sites in Sipalay

Snorkel at Carbin Reef Marine Reserve in Sagay City

Enjoy the untouched nature in Danjugan Island Marine Reserve in Cauayan Municipality

18-hole Golf Course in Victorias City

See all Negros Occidental Cities and Municipalities Converge during Panaad Festival (2nd Week of April)

Rapha Valley in Don Salvador Benedicto

Penalosa Farm in Victorias City

May's Organic Garden in Bacolod City

Department of Tourism of Negros Occidental
Tel: (+63 34) 433-2515
Email: tourism_negocc@yahoo.com
Website: tourism.negros-occ.gov.ph

Mambukal Resort Fees

Reference Adult: P120 + Environmental Fee Children: P60 + Environmental Fee   Environmental Fee: P20 Entrance fee is inclusive of small pool, big pool, dipping

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Weesam Schedules and Fares

…Weesam Starting 11 March 2022 Starting 25 April 2022 Schedules Bacolod to Iloilo (Requirement: Vaccination Card) Monday to Saturday 8:10 AM 11:30 AM Sunday 8:10

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By Bryan Villarosa

By Bryan Villarosa

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson based in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. Contact form

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