3 BR Unit in Nara Residences Bacolod by Rockwell Land

Created on March 26, 2021
Edited on May 20, 2022


GM Cordova Avenue (Buri Road), Mandalagan, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental


3 BEDROOM Unit A: 104 sqm

Families are meant to grow, move, and live freely. The 3-bedroom unit provides the expanse to make everyone breathe and believe that this is how family life is meant to be.

Living Area: 15 sqm
Dining Area: 11 sqm
Hallway: 5 sqm
Kitchen: 7 sqm
Master Bedroom: 19 sqm
Master T&B: 8 sqm
Bedroom 1: 11 sqm
Bedroom 2: 12 sqm
T&B: 6 sqm
Utility: 4 sqm
Utility T&B: 2 sqm
Balcony: 3 sqm
ACCU: 1 sqm


3 Bedroom Unit
0 sqm
Living Area
0 sqm
Dining Area
0 sqm
0 sqm
Master Bedroom
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By Bryan Villarosa

By Bryan Villarosa

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