Victorias City Lots (Along Highway)

Lot #1: 3,797 sqm Lot

Lot for Sale in Victorias City, Negros Occidental

  • Lot Area: 3,797 sqm
  • Along the Highway of Victorias City
  • Along the Highway (Osmena Ave) of Victorias City.
  • 2-min drive or 15-min walk to CityMall Victorias
  • just a stone’s throw from City Hall. 


Price: P15,000 per sqm


Price: P15,000 per sqm

Victorias Lot Map

Lot #2: 39,943 sqm Lot

Lot for Sale in Victorias City, Negros Occidental

Lot Area: 39,943 sqm

✓ 70 meters from the highway
✓ Clean Title
✓ In between 2 subdivisions
✓ Updated RPT


Price: P5,000 per sqm

4 hectares victorias city lot satellite map

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