Big Agricultural Cuttings in Negros (18 ha up)


Negros Occidental, Philippines


Lot for Sale in Negros Occidental Philippines, Agricultural lot

  1.  18 hectares Pontevedra
    Price: 550,000 per hectare.
  2. 44 hectares Biao, Binalbagan
    Price: 650,000 per hectare
  3. 655 hectares, Oringao Kabankalan City
    Price: 550,000 per hectare
  4. 28 hectares Murcia
    Price: 1.5M per hectare
  5. 60 hectares La Castellana
    Price: 2M per hectare
  6. 32 hectares Dulao Bago
    Price: 1M per hectare

More agricultural lots available.


0 ha
Pontevedra - Price: 550K per ha
0 ha
Biao Binalbagan - Price: 650K per ha
0 ha
Kabankalan - Price: 550K per ha
0 ha
Murcia - Price: 1.5M per ha
0 ha
La Castellana - Price: 2M per ha
0 ha
Dulao Bago - Price: 1M per ha

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