4 hectare lot in brgy bago don salvador (1)

4 Hectare Lot in Brgy. Bago, DSB (Rights)

Buying a real estate farm is one of the best decisions you can make in your life. The first reason is you can get multiple income that can last lifetimes. Every year, real estate prices go up. Every generation, a legacy.

Second, crops or high-value crops can be planted and yield for the benefit of you or your posterity. Moreover, many relatives would come to visit to eat and drink and celebrate happily during your life’s momentous occasions In order to entertain your friends and lovedones, you can offer them delicious foods from your farm. Perhaps, you may simply take a rest. You may also sell the fruits of your labor. As a result, they have extra money , you have an appreciating asset, and you’re happy.

  • Lot for SALE
  • 📍Sitio Magazine Brgy Bago, Don Salvador Benedicto
  • Lot Area: 40,000 Sq.M ( 4 Hectares )
  • Details:* 360° View of Mountains.
  • * Highly recommend for Rest House, Coffee shop, Exclusive Resort, & Farm Lot.
  • * 200 Meters away from Highway.
  • * 90% Productive
  • * With existing Bahay Kubo, Pineapple Plantation & Assorted Tree.
  • * 2-3 Access Road PROVIDED
  • * With connectivity to Electricity and Water Source
  • 📲Status : RIGHTS

Buying a real estate farm in the mountains of DSB is the best move you can do with your money. Why? (1) It’s a better investment than stocks, since you can still live there or have a vacation every weekend or retire comfortably in your old age – you know, when you need to inhale fresh air. (2.) You get to slow down and enjoy life a little more (3.) There’s no investment risk, since property values rise over the long term. With a farm in the mountains, you get to experience all seasons of nature and indulge in fresh produce from your own yard. Want mangoes, pineapples, and coconuts any time of the year? A farm’s nearby! Feel like smoking some ribs? You can BBQ anytime you like! See these listings and contact me at Whatsapp or Messenger for connection to the owner/broker.

For the interest of some of our contacts, especially in the mountains and remote lots, we require a REFUNDABLE FEE of P1,000 per day as compensation for the time, money, and energy of such contacts. This fee shall be returned if the buyer has succeeded in paying the lot in full. 

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